Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Beginnings in Whistler, CANADA

In April of 2010 I relocated to Whistler BC to start a new life with my long time friend Jannie Grobler. We were running partners way back when and now we get to share the rest of our lives together in this beautiful location. I have the added bonus of now being closer to the ITU headquarters so work wise this was also an excellent move in the right direction.

Life is good!

Saturday, 03 October 2009

Rio to host 2016 Olympic Games

After much speculation Rio was announced as the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games. This will be the first time the Olympics will be hosted in South America. I cannot help wondering if Africa will ever be considered a viable stop off for this greatest sporting show on earth!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Back to Blogging and a new challenge

After an up and down year I am getting back to my blog. So much has changed in my life and I am busy picking up the pieces after losing my best friend and soulmate to cancer in April this year.

Monday, 05 January 2009

Australian Youth Olympic Festival

Scenes from 2007 AYOF Opening Ceremony.

The 2009 season starts for ITU Sport Development with a trip to the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney, Australia.

A team of 6 athletes will represent ITU Sport Development at this event:
Min Ho Heo (Korea)
Ognjen Stojanovic (Serbia)
Abrahm Louw (Namibia)
Song Nan Lee (Korea)
Gaby Bolanos (Guatemala)
Charlotte Wetzlar (Zimbabwe)
Team Coach: Jamie Turner (AUS)
Team Manager: Libby Burrell (ITU)

The team assembles in Wollongong, Australia on January 10th to take part in pre-event team camp and the athletes will compete in the individual event on January 16th and the team event on January 17th.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Happy Birthday Conrad!

Photo: Rich Cruise
Conrad has graced the pro race courses in our sport for almost two decades and is still my hero as a person and as an athlete. He is PASSIONATE and always has time for young and old. He personifies all that is good in sport!
Conrad turns 35 years old on October 23rd and races Xterra World Champs in Maui on the week-end. He is the reigning World Champ and a already legend in this format of the sport.
As Simon Whitfield said in his blog recently: (
In my 13 years racing on the World Cup Stoltz was simply one of the nicest and most interesting guys you could ever meet.

Happy Birthday Conrad.......may you keep tearing up the trails for many years to come !

Kleinmond - the place I call 'home'

Kleinmond Lagoon
Athlete Tent Village for over night stop on Cape Odyssey

Start area for Cape Odyssey (5 days- 200 km)

Bridge over lagoon to finish area after final 11km run on beach - Day 1

I am back to regular blogging now !

After Beijing, blogging took a back seat while I caught up with life, family and friends.Returning to 'reality' was oh so sweet. Do not get me wrong, being in Beijing was amazing but the lead up to, and the process itself, was a drain on everyone involved.

Now, back on home soil, I am running madly preparing for my first marathon in years and enjoying the time in the hills around Kleinmond.
I have also have included some photos of the Kleinmond stop- over while all 'dressed up' for the Cape Odyssey -5 day Running Adventure (200km run over the mountains). What a beautiful venture and what an exciting race/challenge. I think I have been inspired to race the 2009 version of this great race.

The good news on this side of the world is - Summer is coming fast!!!! Time to enjoy even more of the outdoors again once the ITU year comes to a close.
Two more trips (Brazil and Spain) and then 2 weeks of holiday - in Kleinmond.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

African Triathletes in Beijing!

Chris Felgate (ZIM) flagged by RSA's Mari Rabie and Kate Roberts
Race day is around the corner and the athletes from Africa are ready to go! Chris competes on Tuesday 19th while Kate and Mari will be diving into the waters of the Shinsaling Reservoir in Beijing , China at 10:00 on Monday 18th culminating many years of hard work to achieve their dream of becoming an Olympian.
Hats off to these fine young athletes!